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Who is Bengal Nawab?

When the job market was very narrow, Bengal Nawab tried to search for a job.

Family, relatives, and friends all have one wish, Bengal Nawab should get a government job.

After attending several job exams, Bengal Nawab realized that the position of dishonest people behind the recruitment of government jobs is quite firm.

Now the job equation is obvious. Here government job recruiters follow the “Take and Pay” rule. What is that rule?

When Bengal Nawab observed that some last benched classmates were doing government jobs then Bengal Nawab understood the take and pay rule: there will be no job without bribery or recommendation of the superiors.

So now the journey was started for a private job................

Here too there is a lot of competition, without experience, there is no suitable job.

Many companies hire newbies as an intern and pay only pocket money at the end of the month (nominal salary).

Some recruiters ask after noticing good academic results in the CV:  what to do with a such low-paying job?..... you should try for a better job.

Truly speaking, the salary is so less that most of the money is expended for personal use only.

This time some changes have been made in the decision. Decided to learn Freelancing and earn online.

But the interesting thing is that even at that time the right direction to build a career was not found.

Because here only courses are sold and after completing the course if you are not successful then other courses are suggested.

Even the one who is teaching freelancing is not able to earn from any marketplace, but he considers his students as buyers and makes his pocket full by selling the courses.

Why are the students called buyers? Because taking a course that does not bring any results means presenting yourself as a customer to the teacher.

After reading the above paragraphs, you are thinking....wow! The “About” section of this website is quite interesting.

Actually, it is not a story but only a summary of real occurrences that  Bengal Nawab faced in his life.


So Bengal Nawab has decided that the problems he went through while building his career should not bother again the current job seekers.

Here low competition jobs are published more so that everyone can get jobs easily. And there is no deficiency of websites to publish government job news.

Posting jobs for which there is more competition may benefit Bengal Nawab because it will attract more visitors. But how will visitors get benefited from this website?

Simple job news that can meet everyone's emergency needs is published here regularly.

Although the salary of these jobs is a little low, the stress that you feel from not getting a job may be relieved a bit.

Besides doing these small jobs, you can increase your skills so that you can get a big paying job like many remote jobs published on our website.

There is no need to spend money to get these remote jobs. once you will get such a remote job, you can earn from it for the rest of your life, because most remote jobs are full-time jobs.

For now, the Bengal Nawab is working with a small team. But later when the website will go into a good position, Bengal Nawab has the good intention to support the job seekers in various ways.

And to get to that position we need your support and love.

You can follow Bengal Nawab on Facebook and LinkedIn if you want to be a companion of Bengal Nawab on this journey.

Note: Bengal Nawab is the founder of bengalnawab.com and the website is so named in remembrance of his ancestors. The actual name and photo of the founder and other information may be disclosed later.

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