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Email Marketer। Remote Marketing Job। Remote Copywriter Job। Work From Home Jobs Online.
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Today’s Remote Jobs or, Copywriter Job Online.

Company Name: WiFi Tribe.
Company Location: London, United Kingdom.
About the Company: WiFi Tribe is a community of 700+ entrepreneurs and remote professionals from all over the world.

For the last 6 years, they have been traveling the world together with their members, living in a different city every month.

They believe that national boundaries are a human construct. They see themselves as a person who belong to the world, not just to one nationality, and they seek to communicate with the world.


Name of The Position: Community Builder Plus Marketing Copywriter.
Number of Vacancies: Undefined.
Job Type: This is a full-time job related to copywriting, email marketing, and communication.
Job Location: 100% remote job, you can work from anywhere.
Job Responsibilities:
  • To write brilliant copy and send attractive emails to convince members of the company.
  • To understand the power of storytelling and do your job accordingly.
  • To make the community stronger using the company’s communication platform.
  • To use email marketing strategy only for community building purposes.
  • To update the company’s website regularly so that people can get the exact information easily that they need.
  • To work with the company's admission team to make new members' journey to the company remarkable.
  • To hire experts if you need them and cooperate with them to move things forward.
  • To take steps for the campaign to improve engagement in the community.
  • To make sure that all chapters and trips are fully booked.
Job Requirements:
  • Previous work experience of a minimum of 2 years in marketing/copywriting/community building role is needed.
  • Your English writing skills must be good.
  • You must have the ability to build and maintain the community.
  • You must have feelings for others and must realize what other people are feeling.
  • You have to be a good strategy maker and have the thirst to reach your goal.
  • You have to be stubborn to find the way to your success, and you will not leave your task uncompleted, no matter how complicated your task is.
  • You have to be creative and you love to make your every task as effectively as possible.
Salary: Depending on skills and experience, a full-time worker will be paid $30,000 to $50,000 per annum.
Benefits: $5000 chapter credit, sponsored learning resources, mighty global network, and so on.

Application Procedure of Today’s Remote Copywriter Job:

The online application link is given below, please click the “Apply Now” button.
Job Published on: September 08, 2022.
Application Deadline: Apply as early as possible.

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